Color and Your Hair

Most hair care companies want you to believe they have special shampoo and conditioner formulas that have the ability to keep your hair color around longer than if you were to use other products, but unlike a Brazilian blowout shampoo or a Keratin shampoo that might help hold in the smoothness it needs to keep your hair straight, certain color holding shampoos might not be as forgiving. Color hold, color stay, no fade shampoo and conditioner and protects hair color are some of the more typical claims, but except for color enhancing shampoos and conditioners and other temporary or semi-permanent coloring products, there are no shampoos, conditioners, or styling products that can keep hair color in your hair. One way to try and optimize on the color is maybe trying out a hair straightening treatment like a keratin treatment for hair or Brazilian blow dry, basically something that will use heat and keratin to lock the color into your hair. These so called specially formulated shampoos and conditioners are anything but true. They contain the exact same ingredients as regular shampoos and conditioners that don’t profess to save your hair color.


The Low Down on Color

Shampoos and conditioners that contain dye colors are a horse of a different color. TheseĀ  do add a topical layer of coloring agents to the outside of the hair shaft, giving the impression that there is a tad more color, but they cover poorly over roots or gray hair.

What makes hair color fade? In reality, the shampoo or conditioner you’re using is the last thing to worry about because those that are well formulated can’t help or hurt hair color. However, exposure to the sun and air does play a big role in lifting color from your hair. Sun damage actually causes the structure of the hair to break down, and that allows the hair dye molecules to break down and degrade. But despite the influence of sun and other factors that damage the hair, the truth is no one is exactly sure why some dyes fade faster than others of why some hair types lose color faster than others.

What can help is to protect your hair from the sum. That means wearing a hat because sunscreens in hair products cannot be relied on, but that still doesn’t guarantee much. You could stay inside and not touch your hair like a hermit, or until new growth required another dye job and it could still fade slightly, especially if you underwent a radical change in hair color or if your used any shade of red. In other words, fading is inevitable.