Picking The Right Color

Even in flawless makeup done by a professional makeup artist and a drop dead fabulous ensemble with heels to match, a woman cannot look put together without the right hair  color.With so much going o these days, getting ready in the morning can be tough, with hair straightening and blow drying and eye makeup, the last thing you need is a bad dye job. Your hair color is what brings light to your face, the right one can brighten your skin and eyes, the wrong one can make you disappear or worse stand out as the poor thing that looks lost and confused, it’s your hair, the first thing people see, it can put you in a bit of a depression.

permanent hair straightening

Speak To A Professional

Come and see our salon, our skilled hairdresser are very knowledgeable in more than Brazilian blowouts and keratin treatment’s, any questions or needs regarding hair dye and one of our hairstylist would be more more than happy to assist you. scared of making any drastic changes to your hair, ask one of our stylist about hair extensions, they’re an easy and temporary way to try a new color out or a new style. Anyone of our stylist will tell you that warmer tones are typically better than ashy shades for most people, the last thing you want to give off is a down and depressed vibe. The warmer tones are softer and easier to maintain. Of course, there are people who look best in cool tones, more often than not they’re very old or very very young. What you really want to avoid is looking washed out, which typically means you don’t have enough contrast between your hair and your skin. You don’t want to go too extreme either, often time women who dye their hair for the first time choose colors that are too dark or too red, subtler is better in most cases. Anyone one of our stylist can come up with the most brilliant look in the world, but if you’re taken out of your comfort zone, if you’re not empowered and cannot run with it, you can’t carry it off. Our stylist our so skilled and wonderful at what they do, you just might walk out of here with a new color and hair straightening treatment ready conquer the world and looking good while you do it.