Hair Extensions

Increasing fullness in your hair is far easier than trying to lengthen the look of your hair, which would need many more extensions and can be harder to achieve in a way that looks natural. No matter what kind of extensions your using whether it be human hair extensions or remy hair and what is the difference. If your new to hair extensions and or looking in to them for the first time, be sure and do your homework, if not done correctly or not done by a professional hairdresser, you could get your self in a bind and end up looking for the best salon in Texas to help you with your situation. Here at San Antonio’s Best Brazilian Blowout a skilled hairdresser will match your hair extensions as closely as possible to your natural hair color, making it easier to blend in, giving your hair a more natural look. Hair extensions will rarely come in the same length as your own, so obviously one of our stylist will apply the extensions and then trim to fit. Treat your hair extensions as you would your own hair, if you really want your extensions to look real and last especially if your purchasing real hair extensions or virgin remy hair which can get very pricey your going to want to take care of them, be sure to wash, condition and dry after every few wears or they will soon look dirty and frizzy and will lose their quality.

human hair extensions

Take Care Of Your Extensions

So you love your short hair, the ease and free natural flow, but what about when you want a quick temporary longer and fuller look. Come by and see one of our hairdressers so they can explain to you the ins and outs of having hair extensions, what you need to have them and how to maintain them. There are so many kinds of hair extensions out there and if you want look your best spending just a little more money the type of product you wish to buy is going to be totally worth it, maybe your suffering from hair loss or hair thinning and the last thing you want people to notice or talk about is your hair, buy the best you can get and look your best. So right off the bat hair extensions cost can get pricey real quick and you can get real hair extensions at a decent price or you can go right out and get the cream of the crop 100% real remy hair extensions. Now if your going to be using hair extensions on a regular basis or maybe you just spent some money on a virgin hair weave and you want to take care of it, you should really look into a tangle teezer, as well as a detangling tool that gently undoes knotted strands without damaging them. If your final style will be straightened or curled, use the same techniques to straighten or curl your extensions before clipping them in and then take a look at it and you can fix it to your needs at that point. Remember, there can be a lot to putting in your own extensions, whether its tape in hair extensions or hair extension clips which can be easier, you still can’t see the back of your head or different angles give off different points of view, please remember we are just a phone call away.